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reading for kindergarten

Reading for Kindergarten: Effective Strategies for Parents and Teachers

Reading is an amazing process. It helps us get meaning from print. When it comes to reading for kindergarten, children should be taught, among other things, to read words and sounds. For the purpose of achieving understanding, children should be able to distinguish between different sounds of oral and written language. To be able to […]

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reading programs for kids

Best Reading Programs for Kids

There are so many reading programs for kids out there. So, you may find it hard to choose a reading program for your own child or a student. In this post, we will try to make the process easy for you. Before you choose a program, learn about some of the best reading programs and […]

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methods of teaching reading

Four Methods of Teaching Reading

Reading is one of the most important skills you can teach a child. A child’s success not only at school but also in later life depends on this skill. To teach a child how to read, you must know different methods of teaching reading and apply them. In this article, we will explain the common […]

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how to teach someone to read

How to Teach Someone to Read

How to Teach Someone to ReadIf you’ve ever wondered how to teach someone to read, whether you’re a parent, aftercare teacher, babysitter, or even an older sibling, this is the post for you. While you could spend years getting your bachelor’s, master’s, or even Ph.D in reading instruction—you really don’t need that just to teach […]

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