reading programs for kids

Best Reading Programs for Kids

reading programs for kids

There are so many reading programs for kids out there. So, you may find it hard to choose a reading program for your own child or a student. In this post, we will try to make the process easy for you. Before you choose a program, learn about some of the best reading programs and make an informed decision.

There are many resources online that you may find helpful for encouraging literacy in early learners, but in this post, we have chosen the best ones we have found. We have chosen these programs based on a number of factors such as their appeal to parents and teachers, and their affordability.

Whooo’s Reading

Using goal-setting, personalization, cognition and rewards, this independent reading tool helps students develop an interest in reading. Teachers and parents also find it very helpful—thanks to a robust data dashboard. To promote reading comprehension, this program uses open-ended questions. Teachers receive the responses immediately, and the responses are scored. Teachers edit the responses are provide feedback. Then, for a higher score, students are required to resubmit the answers. All these features have made it one of the best reading programs for kids. Whether students are excelling or falling behind is indicated by glance-and-go graphs within the data dashboard. This information helps you to find appropriate reading material for your student.


By providing teachers and parents with eBooks and short texts, Zing is trying to combat the problem of insufficient reading materials and instructions for students. These books can be sorted based on guided reading level, genre and Lexile Level. Therefore, students can easily find books they love. For reading interesting books, Zing is among the best reading programs for kids.  Using built-in Ereader tools, student can access their books anywhere they have an internet connection. This is a great advantage for students who are always on the move. Teachers can access a suite of real-time data, assign books to students and send them personalized messages.

Big Universe

The mission of Big Universe is to “Inspire Students. Empower Teachers.” This program offers more than 9000 eBooks and these eBooks are from 40 different publishers. These books make teachers’ lives easier because they are leveled and they provide assessments and lesson plans. Students can use this program in guided reading, group instruction, afterschool and in other settings. Using the built-in assessment tools, you can easily see how your students are improving. In terms of assessment tools, Big Universe is better than most other reading programs for kids. To enhance instruction, you can use individual and class wide data. The data helps you make informed decisions when you teach your student.


Students can log, review and rate books on this social reading website. A student, with his or her parent’s help, can create an account and choose an avatar. After that, students can create lists of books they’ve read, books they’re currently reading, and books they’d like to read. Like some other reading programs for kids, Bookopolis has built-in book lists and common core-aligned books and students are encouraged to use them. This website is helpful for not only early readers but also older, middle school readers. The website also has a section featuring word games.

Before creating an account, children must enter a parent’s email account and obtain permission. The website helps students not only find books to read but also write reviews on the books. This practice helps the students improve their writing skills. Bookopolis may be considered to be one of the best online reading programs by many of it’s users.


Available as an iPad app or on the web, News-2-You is a symbol-based newspaper designed for children. Unlike the previous reading programs for kids, News-2-You focuses on news. Every week, a new edition is available. Topics such environmental issues, holidays, sports and movies are covered on a regular basis. Apart from the articles, children also enjoy the games, puzzles, jokes and recipes. Teachers can purchase the issues and share them using multiple user accounts.

Using the editions is super easy. After downloading to an iPad, you just need to press the play tab. The page will be played. To move to the next page, you just have to tap on the right arrow.  You can view the other options using the list icon. News-2-You can be easily customized for each student.


Raz-Kids gives learners access to more than 400 eBooks written for kids. Students can access the website from Android, iOS, Kindle and Chrome apps. Students can choose to read the eBooks or listen to the audio books. The audio books have made Raz-Kids one of the most amazing reading programs for kids. A simple dashboard allows teachers and parents to see what the students are learning. All the texts have quizzes that allow teachers and parents to monitor the progress of the students. For practice and achievement, students earn stars.

Students can listen to a book before reading it. It enables them to try to read books that are currently a bit difficult for them. Especially K-3 students find Raz-kids very fun and helpful, because Raz-Kids has some features that older children might find a bit childish.

Book Adventure

 A list of reading programs for kids is incomplete without Book Adventure. In the world of online reading education, Book Adventure has a dual mission. The program helps kids learn the basic concepts of reading and the principles of literacy. The program has games that help students learn while having fun. The games require input from students. This interactivity makes Book Adventure a great tool for teaching students with minimal effort on the part on the parents or teachers. The second mission of the company is to make students interested in learning. Book Adventure believes in the power of motivation and tries to help kids become passionate about learning.

Headsprout Kids Reading Program

Headsprout has been providing in-school and at-home instruction to students since 2002. Headsprout is a part of the Learning A-Z family. With an adaptive approach to early childhood literacy, Headsprout has become one of the most well-known reading programs for kids. Unlike some other programs, it does not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Headsprout’s adaptive approach is very effective for teaching basic phonetics and other essential things. This program is aware of the fact that some students need more time to understand a concept. Many students have benefited from the adaptive approach of this program. Some peer-reviewed studies have confirmed the effective of the company’s approach.

First Start Reading

First Start Reading is one of the most comprehensive reading programs for kids. It offers lessons in not only reading but also writing. With other things, the programs teach children how to hold a pencil properly. Before introducing vowels, the program teaches children some consonants and how to blend the letters. Within a short time, children are taught the three books of this series. These books are covered in a single teaching manual. First Start Reading is one of the simplest reading programs for kids. This is part of the reason why teachers and parents like this program so much. To enable children to read simple words quickly, the program introduces sight words along the way. The instructions are comprehensive but brief. The course includes assessments, but the assessments are optional. Parents and teachers find it easy to use the program, because it covers only five books.

Beginnings K5

One of the most comprehensive reading programs for kids, Beginning K5 covers a host of subjects such as comprehension, handwriting, social studies, science, art, motor development and music. Parents and teachers are recommended to use the entire system together and avoid using the individual components separately. The program has phonics lessons that teaches vowel-consonant patterns before introducing letter blends. For effective instruction, teachers and parents are recommended to use a manual. The phonics part includes reading books, a practice book, phonics’ CD, workbook, a learner’s packet and workbook. Many classroom teachers use the program, although it is aimed at homeschoolers.

All About Reading

This is mainly a phonics teaching system that teaches phonics by breaking each sound down into separate lessons. Parents and teachers do not need any preparation work to use to open-and-go lessons. The hands-on activities have made All About Reading one of the pragmatic reading programs for kids. The lessons focus on phonological awareness, print awareness, letter knowledge, motivation to read, and listening comprehension. During their first level, students use two reading books. Many of the lessons are taught by a zebra hand puppet. The program has an app children can use for learning different sounds. All About Reading also focuses on other skills such as cutting, coloring, following directions and developing vocabulary.


This simple course is a favorite to many teachers and parents. Many educators believe that students learn better when skills such as reading, spelling and writing reinforce each other. Unlike most reading programs for kids, Foundations first introduces a letter and then teaches the letter’s most common sounds. That means, when a student learns a letter, he learns all of its normal sounds. Students are encouraged to say the sounds properly. Foundations’ lessons in cursive letters are amazing.

Action Reading Fundamentals

Action Reading Fundamentals is for teachers and parents who are looking for an independent system of teaching reading. With an amazing workbook and 8 CDs, this is among the most effective reading programs for kids. This program is super simple to use. For instructions, parents and teachers need to use only a DVD which is not more than 3 minutes long. Children like this program mostly because of the games and flashcards. But it is rather straightforward and does not have any animations or gimmicks. May be that is why some children do not like the program very much.


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