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Best Online Reading Programs

Online reading programs have not only helped students but also their parents who struggle to teach them at home. In child literacy and instruction, online resources are really a game changer. According to recent studies, children who learn the basic literacy skills during their earliest years are 56% more successful during their elementary and middle school years.

In other words, students who have learnt from their parents are more likely to succeed in their academic endeavors. And online reading programs can greatly help parents teach their children. There are numerous online reading programs but in this post, we will focus on some of the best ones. All focus on different methods of teaching reading so that your child gets the best learning experience possible.

CNK Digital

About a decade ago, CNK digital offered its gaming platform that became popular. The platform has been able to sustain its popularity. Today, pre-school students as well as older children like CNK Digital’s game-based learning. Many online reading programs have tried to replace this platform and failed, partly because of the simplicity of this platform. The games are fun and instructive. They provide lessons in the alphabet, sight words, phonics and sentence structure. Teachers and parents also like the service of CNK digital and use it as a robust analytical tool. The games are effective partly because they record data about the student’s comprehension. As a result, teachers and parents find it easy to focus on the weak points of their students.  

ABCMouse Early Learning Academy

One of the best online reading programs, ABCMouse Early Learning Academy has been highly popular with early learners since its foundation in 2010. The platform helps early learners grasp the most basic concepts of education. Many children have benefited from the web-based, immersive platform. The company provides lessons in phonetics, sight words, and the alphabet, and helps children learn at their own pace. Many public libraries, public schools and community organizations use the company’s free mobile apps and website portal. The popularity of ABCMouse Early Learning Academy is indebted to the wide accessibility to its tools.

StudyDog Reading

StudyDog is designed based on researches on childhood literacy. When students use StudyDog, they need minimal supervision of parents or teachers. It offers videos, games, slideshows etc. Students here learn phonics, the fundamentals of the alphabet, sentence structure and vocabulary. StudyDog is among the best-known online reading programs. The program has materials based on the students’ age and level of proficiency. StudyDog uses approaches backed by scholarly research. No Child Left Behind Act conducted standardized testing and StudyDog uses the documented outcomes.

The reading programs offered by StudyDog are effective for addressing diverse students who have specific needs. Since the programs are backed by research, you can expect the right curriculum and right sequence of teaching from the platform.   To make sure that students are learning what they are supposed to learn, parents are always informed of their children’s progress.

Hooked on Phonics for Early Learners

Hooked on Phonics has been around since the late 1980s. People of all ages who are willing to learn to read have benefited from this project for more than 3 decades. The program is still popular with early learners who are willing to learn the basic concepts of literacy.

In 1987, a man who wanted to teach his son to read started the platform. Now, many parents and teachers find this program very helpful. A panel of early childhood educators, literacy experts and classroom teachers have designed and revised the lessons. DVDs, books, a mobile app and an interactive web portal have made the program immersive and fun.

Kiz Phonics

In literacy education, Hooked on Phonics was a well-known program that emphasized on phonics. Kiz Phonics draws its inspiration mainly from Hooked On Phonics. But the two programs differ in several ways. A 27-member panel of teachers who specialize in the field have developed Kiz Phonics—now one of the most reliable online reading programs. Several tenured professors have also contributed to the program.

Unlike Hooked On Phonics, Kiz Phonics is entirely available online and can be accessed via mobile applications. The program emphasizes on phonics, the alphabet, sentence structure, pronunciation and reading techniques. The quality of the program says that it was developed by people who teach English to young learners.

Mr. Nussbaum

This website focuses on childhood literacy education. The site reflects the vast experience of its founder, Mr. Nussbaum. One of the most amazing online reading programs, it uses an approaches suitable for children who are learning with minimal parental supervision. The approach puts a great deal of focus on research. It has helped a lot of students learn the basic principles of reading. Students here research concepts, read scholarly materials and apply their skills in everyday tasks. Students can use what they learn here because the approach focuses on connecting theory with practice.

K5 Learning for Reading

The founding members of K5 Learning were parents. The company’s original mission was to make high-end literacy tools accessible to all early learners across the US. Previously, literacy tools were mainly marketed to schools. As a result, parents found it difficult to take advantage. K5 Learning has solved the problem to a great extent. This is one of the online reading programs that democratized the process.

After two decades of the founding of K5 Learning, the program has become a great option for both teachers and parents. The lessons are compatible with mobile devices and internet browsers. Recently, a leading educational publication has named K5 Learning the best program of its kind.

Reading Bear

Licensing fees for literacy programs have always been a concern for budget-weary parents and homeschoolers. Licensing fees and steep subscription are required for most popular literacy programs. Because of small family budgets, many parents find it hard to obtain tools for teaching their children reading comprehension concepts and basic literacy. The original goal of Reading Bear was to solve this problem, and the program has succeeded to some extent. The lessons of this program are completely free. Good news for parents on a tight budget.

Like some other online reading programs, Reading Bear provides many instructional optional options to parents. The lessons are in both slideshow and video formats. For each lesson, there are 7 different levels of instruction. The immersive lessons are very effective for early learners.


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