how to teach a toddler to read

How to Teach a Toddler to Read

how to teach a toddler to read

How to Teach a Toddler to Read

To succeed in life, your child needs to muster one fundamental skill and that is reading. If you have a toddler, maybe you are wondering how to teach a toddler to read. Apart from social skill, analytical skills and leadership skills, reading is a skill your child must muster. You might have heard how and when your child must learn to read. But most of the information out there is irrelevant, and in some cases detrimental. For example, you may find it shocking to learn that starting off by learning sight words could in fact cause some reading problems later on. In this post, we will show you how to teach a toddler to read.

The first thing to consider is that learning to read books and loving to read books are not the same. The fact is, if your child loves reading, learning will follow. To make it happen, make sure that books are available to your toddler. To teach him to make words, you can start using games. Then you can use blended words and phonetic sounds. They will help your child develop his understanding of words and their meanings. Now we are going to focus on some great ways so that you can figure out how to teach a toddler to read.

Introduce your toddler to the alphabet

You can teach your toddler to break down words once he has developed word awareness. Yes, you can use the alphabet song to teach the alphabet, but try to be creative when you do so. Do not end up making the teaching-learning process boring. Here is how to teach a toddler to read while maintaining enthusiasm. Teach your toddler the names of the letters, but do not worry about incorporating the sounds into whatever word you teach.

You may feel prompted to teach capital letters first, but it is a better idea to start with lowercase letters. The reason is that of all letters in writing English, only 5% are capital letters. Besides, your toddler may find it difficult to learn reading lowercase letters if you teach him capital letters first. To be able to read, recognizing lowercase letters is more important. And do not forget to have fun with your kid when you teach the alphabet.

How to teach a toddler to read by reading to him

Make it a habit to read with your baby.  Your baby will become familiarized with the concept of reading if you buy some interesting picture books for him. Sit with your baby and read books to him with enthusiasm. Your baby will gradually learn that reading time is a time for togetherness and intimacy. Make sure you do not end up making it like a forced activity or a chore. The process should be fun.

While reading books to your toddler, try to be creative. Make up your own stories based on the images of the book. Figure out which book your toddler likes most and read the book often. Keep the book with his toys and have him play with it. Choose books that have visually appealing images, colors and textures. You can introduce books with a little text when you baby gets slightly older. Your baby may be able to understand a story line. Try books with simple stories. Toddlers usually like books with images of vehicles, objects and animals. Toddlers tend to be destructive! So make sure you choose durable books.

How to teach a toddler to read before preschool

It is a bad idea to push a toddler to learn to read too quickly. Before your gets the concept of reading, you need to teach him some pre-reading skills. Around the age of 18 months, your toddler should know what a book is: it has front and back, and pages with letters and pictures. Also, teach him the concept that we read from left to right. May be you are still wondering how to teach a toddler to read when he is so tiny! Help your baby develop the concept that there is a relationship between spoken language and printed words.

But do not try to teach all these things at once. Take your time and try to understand your toddler’s learning capacity. Keep reading the books with him and he will gradually absorb the concepts. When you read a letter aloud, point to it with your finger. Choose books that have uncomplicated text and appealing pictures. Rhymes are very helpful because they enable children to absorb sentence structures. Rhymes also help kids develop their listening skills. Another critical pre-reading skill is anticipation, and rhymes encourage it.  

How to teach a toddler to read by reading letters and recognizing sounds

A very important part of learning process is the ability to identify sounds and letters. Most kids can understand these concepts by the age of three. Purchase a book of alphabet and read the letters together. It is a good idea to begin with the first letter of your toddler’s name. Do not force your kid; just go with the flow. And when you read the letters pronounce them phonetically. In case you do not know how to pronounce words correctly, do not hesitate to get help from books or websites. If you take this approach, your child will learn faster.

You can also foster your toddler’s learning process by segregating the letters and using them as toys. Placing magnet letters on your refrigerator is a good idea. You can also make letters using foam and place them in the tub. The whole point is to make the letters familiar. And when you notice that your kid can recognize the letters take him outside and ask him to spot the letters.

How to teach a toddler to read by asking interactive questions

It is possible to teach your child reading comprehension even before he learns how to read. By some simple and interesting story books, read them aloud and ask your toddler questions relevant to the stories. Make sure the questions are pretty simple such as “what is the bird’s name?” And when his reading level develops, you can ask slightly difficulty questions. Open-ended questions can help your child develop his critical thinking. Avoid complex verbal responses because they can be too difficult for your toddler.

Make sure your toddler has easy access to books

Earlier we have said how to teach a toddler to read by finding some reading time. Books must be easily accessible to your child. You may have many books in the house, but they will not come to any use if your child does not have access to those books. Keep the books in places where your toddler plays with toys. Children are often destructive. That is why you should choose books that are sturdy and durable.

You do not necessarily need to buy a bookshelf because your toddler will have difficulty taking books from the shelf. Make the reading space as comfortable as possible.

How to teach a toddler to read by showing him that reading is fun

To do that, be an exemplary reader. If you read regularly for yourself, your child will notice that reading is a worthwhile pursuit. Show your child that you are reading. Read for at least ten to fifteen minutes a day. Even if you are not very interested in books, pretend to be pretend to be absorbed in reading when your child is around. You can read anything—a newspaper, a magazine, a thriller. Children like to imitate. By simply observing you to read, your child will become interested in printed language.

And when you are reading, often talk to your child. If it is something that your child can understand, tell him about it. This way you can teach your toddler that books are actually fun and interesting.

How to teach a toddler to read by making word-sound associations

Before your toddler starts learning how to read alphabet, help him understand the concept of word-sound associations. Your child must know that the printed letters are directly related to the words and sentences we speak. It is a good idea to point to the words on the page when you read them. Your child will gradually develop the concept of the relationship between written language and spoken language. Identifying the patterns of words/lines will be easier for him.

How to teach a toddler to read by developing phonemic awareness

Most specialists think that associating a letter with a spoken sound is very important for children who are being taught to learn reading. Known as phonemic awareness, this process must not be skipped. In the English language, there are 36 letters and 44 speech sounds created by the letters. When you teach a sound, make sure you pair the sound with its letter counterpart. All sounds used in the language are included in these 44 speech sounds.

Do not make an attempt to teach all the sounds and their letters counterparts at a time. Teach one sound at a time. And when you teach, mention real life examples. For example, when you teach your toddler that A is for apple, ask him to find other words that begin with A. If you manage to do it well, you can turn the process into a guessing game. Encourage your child to think critically and answer your questions correctly.

How to teach a toddler to read with child rhymes

Learning child rhymes by heart can benefit your toddler in a number of ways. If you find that your child is learning nursery rhymes fast, there is a great chance that your baby will develop strong reading skills at an early age. Rhymes can introduce your toddler to the sounds of a language. Rhymes often have repetitive sounds and that is why your child will find it easy to learn rhymes. Read nursery rhymes to your toddler on a regular basis.

How to teach a toddler to read by helping him practice decoding

Decoding is sometimes referred to as “sounding out” words. While learning decoding, a child does not make an attempt to read the whole word at once. Rather, he tries to make the sound of each letter. The process breaks up the practice into two parts: reading a word and understanding the meaning of the word. But do not worry if your chills can not recognize the words. Consider using rhymes because rhymes can help children practice decoding.

If you are still wondering how to teach a toddler to read, glance over all the approaches mentioned above and try to figure out which one works for your toddler. Do not rush or worry if you see that things are not going well. Be patient. Like most other toddlers, your child may take some time to get comfortable with written language.


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